If you have been experiencing frustration, despondency or other negative emotions,


My clients report feeling renewed hope and direction and a return of calmness and joy to their lives.

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Video of Dr Camposs speech “The role of diet and sleep in attentional difficulties”

Dr Giaroli speech “Medication and attention: What do we need to know?”

Avremi Rosenberg speech “Academic success for the child with attentional difficulties”

It has been a pleasure for my wife and I to work with Avremi. The session is not only helpful, it is also an hour that is pleasant and enjoyable. We found that our child’s behaviour changed from one end of the spectrum to the other since we started these sessions. Avremi guided us to see that our way of dealing with our son was adding fuel to the fire and he coached us with techniques to defuse situations. This has resulted in our child calming down and the level of friction being right down to levels we never believed possible. It is amazing to see how with coaching and guidance a situation can change so drastically.